Jeff McLellan | Data Analysis & App Developer


I've developed and launched a few iOS apps written in Objective-C. I've started using Swift. I've also built a couple Android apps in JAVA.


Weekly Tracker for Destiny

It is finally here! Do you play Destiny? Do you want to track the completion of all the weekly activities? Have more than one character? Sick of spreadsheets? Tired of trying to remember which character has complete which events? This app is for you! Keep track of all of the weekly events to collect loot. Atheon, Crota, Chests, Nightfall, Deathsinger, etc. It is all there. Did you complete on Normal, or Hard? We have it covered! Know what you have done and where you still have the option to earn loot!

Crota Raid Timer

This timer will guide your raid through the Crota encounter in Destiny. Know when Crota is expect to move next as well as where he will move to. Get alerted when Orge's are about to spawn. This app will help you refine your Crota raid experience by knowing precisely when and where to move/attack.

Other Side of the World

Imagine being on the other side of the world or hemisphere! You pick your location and the "Other Side of the World" app will get you there. Use it for fun or trivia and it's a great learning experience for young and old. Most destinations also include area information and satellite maps. It's so simple and fun to use, give it a try and see where you land.

Winemaker's Calculator

Winemaker's Calculator was created by Home Winemakers for Home Winemakers! The Winemaker's Calculator will guide you through the process of adjusting Total Acidity, Raising or Lowering BRIX as well as achieving proper levels of SO2. In addition to performing complex calculations related to wine testing, Winemaker's Calculator will also provide you with suggested changes to reach the optimum chemistry for your batches.

Coming Soon

I'm currently creating an iOS & Android app that communicates with and controls the Particle Photon resulting in home automation fun and entertainment.