Jeff McLellan | Data Analysis & App Developer

EXCEL data trending

I developed a spreadsheet with built in trend reporting that several colleagues and friends have adopted for their reporting needs. Feel free to use as you wish.

The template file can be downloaded here   Download File

This file can serve as a template for easy data tracking and reporting. Once data is added to the top grid, all the summaries on bottom plus the charts update. This allows you update once and have all your supporting summaries and charts produced automagically.

The file is (relatively) straight forward to use. You ONLY update the top grid. You can change the dates to be monthly, weekly, or daily and once new data is added the bottom grid will read the values and update the summaries. The charts are also updated to display the latest data.

You can adapt this template to display different summary data (widgets, sales, metrics) and the charts can be adjusted to represent the data as you need (bar, line, pie).