Pool Monitor Project

Data Results: McLellan Pool Chart

A little project I've been working on that allows my family to check the pool's temperature. It involves a lot of different pieces which has been fun putting together. The temperature is retrieved using a Particle Core with two temperature sensors. One sensor is in the pool water (approximately 3 feet under surface) and the other is under the pool deck. The device publishes the temperatures hourly to a PHP WebService which saves the data to JSON and can be viewed with Google Charts. Pool photos are taken throughout the daylight hours using a Raspberry PI w/ camera. An automated Python script on the PI sends the pool image to PHP web form which uploads the image to the web server.
A picture of Particle Core with the two sensors and power source is below... and yes, it's fancy enough to still be on the breadboard :)

  • Particle Core w/ external antenna
  • Raspberry Pi 2B w/ camera
  • 2 DS18b20 Temperature Sensor Probes
  • Core Code - read temperature sensors/send to WebService
  • PHP WebService - receive data/save to JSON file
  • Python Script - take photo/send to web form
  • PHP web form - upload pool image to web server
  • Google Chart pages - read JSON/convert to Google Chart format
  • PHP Server-Side Script - monitors Core - alerts sent email/txt if offline