Jeff McLellan | Data Analysis & App Developer

Here's a list of some of my skill sets. I'm currently happily employed but do like taking on interesting challenges. If you have a fun project give me a shout :)

Data Analysis

Using my programming and database skills I've become an asset to the leadership at work. I've been involved in several data research projects that have improved the business and successfully advanced the metrics within the company. I'm responsible for reporting KPI and other metrics critical to the business. One key to my success as been creating reports that are insightful to the business leaders - such as displaying trends and merging together several date sources.

Mobile Apps

Using Objective-C I've created a few published apps and a few more non-published. I'm currently transitioning to Swift and also developing an app interface built entirely in .swift file instead of .storyboard. I've also completed a couple Android JAVA projects. Lately I've been focusing on integrating with micro-controllers using both platforms.


Developed company's regional business intelligence site using Coldfusion with MS SQL & DB2 backend.

- Created interactive reporting site used by senior management to trend sales and metrics. The reports typically presented high level data and provided daily email summaries and provided the ability to drill down to the detail.

- Developed customer tracking tools to allow customer facing teams to track quality control issues


Using MS SQL, Composite, DB2 databases - built Jobs, SSIS, automated SQL email reports, etc


Using primarily C# and plenty of VB.NET with MS SQL & DB2 backend.

- C# - Created the division's intranet. Ticketing, workflow management, and metrics are built within a secure framework that over 500 employees used on a daily bases

- VB.NET - Developed the first CRM within the company. Including CRM, ticketing, and customer tracking functionalities. I managed the team rolling out the application to five divisions and the transfer of the application to the corporate team for company-wide rollout to over 5,000 users